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Enhance Your Wardrobe

Since 1950, we have been in the optical business. Our motto in our retail stores has always been “Quality Eyewear From People Who Care”.
With the prescription subscription we deliver the same service, quality and fashion right to your doorstep.

Start by choosing a frame and lens type. You can either purchase outright today with “Buy it Now”, or “Subscribe” to start building your Mike & Martin collection. If you choose a subscription, you choose to pay for your eyewear with easy and affordable monthly payments.

Single vision prescription lenses are included for free with the monthly subscriptions. Progressive (no-line) bifocals and polarized lenses incur a one-time upgrade charge at checkout, with subsequent months at the original plan price. You can change your prescription or share your plan, it’s up to you! All of your eyewear is yours to keep forever, as this is NOT a rental program.

We have been able to achieve the lowest prices and highest quality by directly sourcing from the manufacturers and elminating the middle-man markups. Having our own in-house state-of-the-art lens finishing lab means we control everything from frame design to your prescription lenses. Using only the finest Mazzuchelli Italian acetate, stainless steel and the very best in lens optics, we guarantee exceptional quality for an affordable price.

This is a change in how the prescription eyewear industry has traditionally operated. Start today and discover why change is a good thing.


Order your perfect pair of eyewear. You can buy now for instant gratification, or select a subscription plan to start building your collection.


The finest Italian materials, perfectly curated designs, fashionable colors, and the highest quality lenses will have you looking—and seeing—your best.


Accessorize your eyes with multiple pairs of eyewear.  Also, specialty types of glasses like computer, work, sport, or any other hobbies. Share any plan with friends or family.

Why a subscription?

We have learned a lot since 1950 in the high-end fashion eyewear business. The technological breakthroughs in lenses, manufacturing and raw materials has been truly awesome.

But one thing that has never changed, is that style and fashion change faster than your vision.

Our subscription prescription keeps you seeing and looking your best. Mike Martin came up with the concept years ago. Now, it's a reality, revolutionizing the way you buy eyewear. The subscription plan allows us to learn your individual style and visual needs. At Mike & Martin, we build your very own personal profile so we can make sure every custom pair of Mike & Martins is your new favorite pair.

And don't worry, we will let you know when you become eligible for your next pair. We value your feedback and we listen. Join the subscription prescription and you will see why we say change is a good thing. 


Lens Upgrade Charges?


Single Vision Single Visionpolarized sun lenses Progressiveno-line bifocal Progressiveno-line bifocal polarized sun lenses
Includedno upgrade charge $85one-time charge per pair $180one-time charge per pair $210one-time charge per pair
Single Vision Includedno upgrade charge
Single Visionpolarized sun lenses $85one-time charge per pair
Progressiveno-line bifocal $180one-time charge per pair
Progressiveno-line bifocal polarized sun lenses $210one-time charge per pair


Using the highest quality lens optics available, we eliminate you having to make upgrade decisions regarding quality and features. We want you to see the best you can, thererfore all of our lens include the newest technology.

The thinnest materials possible, anti-reflective, hydrophobic, UV protection and scratch-resistance are all included. We make it as simple and as affordable as we can.  

When you order a new pair of eyewear consisiting of progressive or polarized lenses you will be charged a one-time fee at the time of purchase. This helps cover the costs of these much more expensive lenses. Then, it returns to the regular monthly plan price. This allows a family to share a plan and only pay upgrades when someone needs a progressive or polarized lens.

If you have any questions about our lenses or fees, please contact one of our certifed Opticians at our in-house lens lab at 903-345-6453 or at

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