Lens Guide

Premium HD Lenses

There are so many choices for lenses and coatings, buying lenses can be frustrating, not knowing which lens offers the best features and value. We make it simple by using the best lenses available.

Since 1950 we have been in the optical business. Having a state-of-the-art in-house optical finishing lab, we know quality when it comes to lenses. From lens materials, polarized filters, UV, anti-reflective, hydrophobic, oleophobic and scratch resistant coatings, we only use the best. You will see the difference!

We don’t use the cheap lenses typically used by chain stores.

Lens Types 

Single-vision lenses

These lenses are typically for correction of distance, reading, for computer use and other typical applications. They provide one constant prescription throughout the entire lens. 

Progressive Lenses

Often referred to as no-line or multi-focal, these have replaced the traditional unattractive lined bifocal lenses.

  • power increases from the top to the bottom of the lens making your focal distance shorter in the bottom for reading etc.
  • We only use digitally surfaced progressive lenses. This gives you a seamless transition of power and the widest reading corridor with the least amount of peripheral distortion. Giving you the best acuity and the sharpest overall vision.

Mike & Martin Lenses

All Mike & Martin lenses come standard with premium coatings that typically cost much more.

  • Thin & Lite – We only use thin & lightweight materials giving you a thinner and lighter weight lens. Making them more comfortable and cosmetically superior. Processing our lenses in-house ensures that we will grind your lenses as thin as possible.
  • Super hydrophobic & oleophobic – a super slick coating helps to repel dirt, oil, water, fingerprints and smudges, making them easier than ever before to clean and keep clean.
  • Anti-reflective – Helps cut the glare from overhead lights, computer screens, street lights and headlights while driving at night. Increases light transmission to over 99%, giving you better acuity and sharper vision. This makes them  more aesthetically pleasing and to us that matters.
  • 100% UV Protection – Protects you from all harmful UV rays.
  • Scratch Resistant – Durability and superior protection along with our “no-fault” one-time one-year scratch warranty. We will replace your lenses at no charge within one year.  

hd lenses vs regular lenses

Lens materials

Thin & Lite 1.59 Index Polycarbonate

We start with the best quality polycarbonate lens blank. They have a high abbe value which in layman terms, means better acuity and clearer vision. It includes a hydrophobic anti-reflective coating and 100% UV protection. The hydrophobic properties make them super slick helping to repel dirt, oil, water, fingerprints and smudges. Making them easier to clean and keep clean than ever before. The anti-reflective properties offer superior scratch resistance, block the glare of overhead lights, computers, headlights while driving at night, and increase light transmission giving you sharper clearer vision. Also, it makes our lenses aesthetically pleasing, and to us that matters.

Super Thin & Lite Hi-Index 1.61

When your combined prescription power is over 6 diopters, we switch to this lens material. We have found that is where you start to gain an optical and cosmetic advantage from these hi-index of refraction super-thin lenses. Remember we have been doing this for over 65 years and we know. It includes all the same features as our polycarbonate lens. Since we do everything in-house we will upgrade you automatically at no additional charge, because we want you to love your glasses and everyone else to love them on you!

CR-39 Polarized

These are the “Crème de la crème” when it comes to polarized lenses. The MM filters provide excellent clarity, contrast, maximum UV protection and durability. They eliminate glare caused by light reflecting on a flat surface like water, sand, snow and the road. Mike Martin himself is an avid outdoorsman and has spent years trying all the different polarized filters. This is what he wears everyday!

brown sunglasses lens vs regular lens

g15 sunglasses lens vs regular lens

grey sunglasses lens vs regular lens


If you have any questions, call or email one of our Opticians at 903-345-6453 or help@mikeandmartin.com, and we will be happy to assist you.